What we do

There is so much that needs to be done; it inspires and energises us and challenges all non- linear parametres within our skulls!

For effective wildlife conservation, we need an effective land use policy. Transparent governance and an aware population are equal prerequisites. Research will add weight to media perspectives and we hope requisite change will follow.

Solid waste management does not start or end with awareness or segregation / separation of wastes. Policy support, best practices, tax incentives, human resource policies, publicity all need to converge for effective sustenance of solid waste management policies and practices.

Public health: Again awareness, information dissemination, transparent governance and carrot and stick policies are all we need for effective delivery.

To fight corruption, we need not just strict enforcement, but also awareness amongst the citizens who will strike against corruption. In the case of disaster management an informed first responder community can make the difference between life and death.

If Iceland can harvest geo thermal energy surely South Asia can harvest solar energy? Scientific research needs publicity and we in the media need credible research to support our content. If seeing to believe is necessary we would like to disseminate effectively!

India is the motherland of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism Lord Mahaveera, Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi; surely India is best qualified to lead the movement against capital punishment…?

We at VMRAF will articulate these challenging concepts by way of many channels of communication… come engage with us on VMRAF…

But as Media we can and will only restrict ourselves to moulding opinion, creating awareness. Policy makers / lawmakers are elected and their duty it is to make laws in public interest. Giving a rounded perspective in efforts to mould public opinion is our forte; we need to round off public interest instead of making it a sharp edged sword for the bureaucracy and public polity to rue on…it is our challenge, something we relish in excelling at. Providing pro and contra perspectives enhances credibility of content and the Media that disseminates the content. It is also an effective tool in moulding opinions. But apart from moulding opinions we need to inspire change and make the difference… in this effort the pen is far, far mightier than the sword.

To be able to reach out… breaching the literacy and technical barriers of the digital divide we need to research and create content across all media – English and regional language district level newspapers, Public Service Announcements, radio and TV documentaries on demand, web portals, You Tube channels, Blogs, photo stock, panel discussions, interactive programmes, chat rooms etc. In this effort including the Have Nots will be so much more effective than all public policies put together.

To engage high quality talented and skilled professionals who are committed to communications for a cause, VMRAF will hire such human resources largely through alliances with institutes, centres, NGOs, etc. depending on funding, human resources etc. Wherever necessary MOUs will be signed with other NGOs, think tanks, research centres and institutes, policy framers’ institutes, Foundations, Media production houses, funding agencies, news agencies, Feature Services, market research agencies / research institutes, civil society (hereinafter referred to as institutes – collectively) etc to facilitate either funding / research / or optimum utilization of human and other resources for implementation of the multimedia campaigns, herein after referred to as projects.

These multimedia products and campaigns to be created (by professionals) will include among others:

  1. Public Service Announcements,
  2. Stand-alone Articles / Features
  3. Series of articles,
  4. Radio and TV documentaries,
  5. Web content
  6. Unedited interviews tailored for specific media
  7. Webcast documentaries,
  8. Lectures;
  9. Slideshows;
  10. Audio slide shows
  11. Feature articles
  12. Columns, Blogs
  13. TV and Radio documentaries
  14. Photo stock
  15. Sound effects
  16. Footage stock / photo stock
  17. Press Clippings
  18. MM CDs
  19. Voice overs
  20. E Publishing


In line with its commitment to conservation, public health and awareness campaigns, Visthar Media Research and Activist Forum has formulated the following long-term major goals:

  1. Environmental Conservation
  2. Advocacy and Campaigns
  3. Sustainable Development Initiatives
  4. Transparent Governance
  5. Public Health
  6. Disaster Risk Reduction
  7. Rain water harvesting
  8. Wildlife conservation
  9. Water conservation
  10. Transparent governance
  11. Indigenous peoples’ rights and issues
  12. Documentation of traditional wisdom
  13. Sustainable employment opportunities for rural people
  14. And any other socially relevant causes that VMRAF will consider, discuss and approve of as a goal.

In short we want to use the pen to inspire change! Come be a part of this massive sometimes thankless effort!


Malini Shankar,




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