Want to Learn More about Waste Management?

Why Waste Management?

By applying waste management, the owner or operator takes control of waste handling with the aim of fulfilling rules, reducing cost and increasing long term revenue.

Throughout history, waste has been generated by humans . In areas with low population density waste generation may have been negligible.

In higher population areas even largely biodegradable waste had to be dealt with. Sometimes this was released back into the ground water with environmental impact like Nor Loch.

The Maya of Central America had a fixed monthly ritual, in which the people of the village would gather together and burn their rubbish in large dumps.

Solid waste management does not start or end with awareness or segregation / separation of wastes.

Policy support, best practices, tax incentives, human resource policies, publicity all need to converge for effective sustenance of solid waste management policies and practices.

Malini Shankar,




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