Our Partners

In furtherance of our quest to make rounded, credible content VMRAF will sign up Memoranda of Understanding / Memoranda of Agreements with research and policy institutes, credible NGOs, policy centres, foundations, in short “institutes” to seek collaboration as “knowledge partners”. For example for the series on wildlife VMRAF will sign MOA / MOU with Wildlife Institute of India. For the series on indigenous people we will draw up MOA / MOU with AnSI, and for the series on forests and Biodiversity either Forest Research Institute or Botanical Survey of India or both; the series on disaster management hopefully with NIDM and NDMA and so on. Preliminary talks have been completed with WII, and there was some discussion with AnSI Southern Regional Centre a while ago.

Walter Keller and I Malini Shankar worked on the multimedia tribute for the tenth anniversary of the Asian Tsunami comprising an online photojournalistic portraiture, picture e book, audio slide shows and online survey  – without funding – after securing the technical collaboration of INCOIS and NIOT of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, and the International Tsunami Society in Hawaii. un12named
















To create inclusive capacity building and rural employment opportunities we are currently in talks with TERI one office of UNICEF and NABARD. The production house for content creation will be Weltanschauung Worldview Media Centre – www.wwmcindia.com which has the facilities for media production. An MOU has been signed between VMRAF and WWMC to this effect. Further VMRAF will be the executing agency when it comes to the (pro) activism part of the agenda / mission. Just to reiterate, the activism part of the agenda includes constructive solutions for the challenges facing us in the current context / situation / location. Putting together in lucid language and simple communication by bringing together so many challenges in perspective is an exciting path of professional growth, to say the least! Exciting times ahead…

Malini Shankar,




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