Mission Statement and Objectives

Visthar Media Research and Activist Forum is a registered non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to realizing the goals of activism with the power of the pen and aided by Media research drawn from India and the world. Specifically, Visthar Media Research and Activist Forum hereinafter referred to as (VMRAF) seeks to utilize documented research inputs and best practices / recommendations for presenting plausible solutions to the problems plaguing India with researched best practices drawn from around the world. This broad spectrum of research may be executed in media campaigns in the field of conservation, indigenous peoples’ rights, solid waste management, solutions for water pollution, public health, Biodiversity conservation, Millennium Development Goals, anti-corruption campaigns, disaster mitigation, awareness campaigns, human rights, gender issues, governance, etc. Issues thus engaging VMARF may evolve in the years ahead depending on the current affairs situation. These issues will be rendered as multimedia and multilingual campaigns to execute the activism with the power of the pen. Thus the Media campaigns will communicate “actionable inputs and recommendations / best practices so that these management visions can be translated into action”. Content created with funding will be syndicated on a not for profit basis and content created with capital investment will be commercialized on a not for profit basis. These are issues of our core competence. The general aim of VMRAF is to broadly undertake every effort to usher in change by inspiring, by setting examples to usher in change. VMRAF will also engage in debates and intellectual campaigns to deliver messages for the collective good of society… seeking to undertake translation of political will for sustainable solutions for the society. VMRAF will undertake research and then implement recommendations, best practices and solutions by way of running multimedia / multi lingual media campaigns to make the change. Other means like capacity building workshops, awareness programmes training workshops etc will be held year round in alliance with relevant agencies. These objectives will be achieved through various campaigns, implementation of projects, initiatives, activism, research undertaking and awareness programmes .

Come join us in this humungous effort…

Malini Shankar,




Mission Statement and Objectives

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