What is Mental Illness

“Mental health is a much neglected issue in the Fourth Estate. Apart from agony aunt columns which are more significant for filling up column inches in magazine sections of the print media no significant attempt has been made to cater to fill the void in mental health awareness by the Media. Be it schizophrenia or depression, anxiety attacks or Bipolar disorders, awareness and myths are inversely proportional. Alas if there was any significant media campaign for mental health issues, perhaps the German Wings Flight 9525 aviation disaster might not have happened in France on 24th March 2015.

It could be counselling for those craving for comfort food or counselling for a separation of two people in love or it could be counselling for those who may have met with a life threatening illness / accident, the need for mental health care is never more significant in the day and age of 24X7 economy; with very high stress levels the alienation in a wired world is ironically all the more revolting. Just like counselling for wholesome food and wholesome health care to prevent a negative fallout of a crisis is necessary, proactive mental health care … be it positive thoughts or preparing oneself to face crisis, they definitely help in facing an eventual crisis say Mental Health professionals… The need for supporting systems and family as a social unit was never more critically necessary than today.  “Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best” the wise say…

Given our commitment for communications for a cause we thought it fits well to dedicate a whole online channel for Mental Health Care…come join us in this effort….

Malini Shankar,




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