Study More About Solid Waste Management

“Solid waste management is a challenge of modern society reflecting on unsustainable consumption and irresponsible disposal of waste matter. Waste is largely buried in landfills intoxicating the ground water. Incineration is contributing to emissions and adding to global warming when efforts are being made to mitigate global warming.
Indians are notorious for their disdain for solid waste management in India but religiously obey rules when they live or travel abroad. Ever wondered why foreign countries are spic and span in their environs and why India has chronic issues of waste management? It is largely because Indians litter the environment and culturally are inclined to expect someone else to take up the cleaning. India and many emerging economies lack separation of waste,  recycling facilities,  infrastructure for controlled incineration, standardisation of packaging, certification for secondary usage / reuse of resources, and an economic policy for standardised waste disposal. Needless to reiterate the indiscipline contributes a mighty bit to litter!
So, as you can see effective solid waste management lies in sound separation of wastes, collection at source, eco friendly disposal, an economic policy, tax incentives, human resources management etc… all of which can be enlightened by an informed and substantial media awareness campaign.

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