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Visthar Media Research and Activist Forum® was born as a result of decades of media research found that the seamless boundaries of media content and activism converge at the last frontiers of robust, professionally guided vigorous research. Be it a press conference or documentary filmmaking, radio talks or photo shoots, thorough research of facts, concepts helps in lending more weight, more credibility of the content. The content can engage the reader / viewer / listener or interactive participant only if it retains the focus and attention of the target audience. In the era of the internet and  24X7 TV channels the role of robust research in retaining the attention span of the discrete viewer / listener / reader is very challenging for us in the Fourth Estate. Malini Shankar, Secretary, VMRAF, Bangalore


This appeal for monetary donation is on account of enormous expenses incurred in creating media content that is bound to inspire change. Let me spell it out and visualise it for you. Research needs documentation to be able to conceptualise the content. Thereafter mapping of resource persons, location planning, conduct of preliminary interviews, datamining, documentation are heads of expenses incurred in the pre production stage. No wonder the quality of research is directly proportional to funding. Thereafter during the shooting / recording on location expenses involved include travel expenditure (transport, fuel, crew fees, professionals’ compensation, stationary, communication, food accommodation, equipment, consultation fees for experts’ interviews, fuel costs etc). The idea of sustained intellectual engagement in a subscription based video / audio on demand format is to arrive at plausible solutions by the end of the week after the documentary is webcast at the beginning of the week. Post production expenses include editing recording orchestra, organisation & recording and webcasting of webinars, panel discussions, webcast of expert interviews, phone ins, chat shows, analysis, interactive programmes and editorial conclusion. Now think of scaling this up to 10 different channels online and you will agree that we need something in the range of 230000 USD per annum. Please help us in reaching this goal either in cash or kind. Every drop of water makes a mighty ocean. As soon as we get income tax exemption it will be shared here online. All details of finances, and financial transactions / accounts etc will be put up on our website and due credits will be given to each donor in the interest of transparency. In case you have any questions ofcourse please feel free to revert to us by email / phone. our contact details are put up on http://vmraf.org/contact/ Looking forward to your support, Cheers, Malini Shankar, Secretary, VMRAF, Bangalore


Visthar Media Research and Activist Forum is a registered non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to realizing the goals of activism with the power of the pen and aided by Media research drawn from India and the world.

Photo Credits:

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  • National Disaster Response Force, Government of India

Video credits:

  • Malini Shankar / IPS
  • Vasudha Mehta
  • Dr. Sampurnananda Mahapatra
  • Wilderness Films

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